Posted on March 13, 2010: Everyone who knew Frank also knew how much he loved trucks. Sometimes, when we’d be going somewhere and see a big rig truck we’d both drool – him for the rush of fantasizing about driving one, and me for admiring all the sculptural chrome and candy-finished colors. He’d sometimes jokingly ask, “How ’bout buying a truck like that?” And, I’d reply, “Sure hon, but you’d have to share it with me and our six kitties.” Then we’d both smile and laugh.

One sunny Saturday afternoon we were headed up Marsh Street in San Luis Obispo and I spotted a 1958 GMC, series 100 truck for sale in a small auto lot. Needless to say, we quickly became owners of this new toy. His dream was to restore the truck (pictured here) in his spare time and retirement.

The truck was later dubbed “The Yellow Submarine” by our friend Rory because of its rounded shape and color. Not wanting to let Frank’s dream go, I recently sold the truck to Rory who has promised to not only restore the truck to its original glory and keep it in the family, but to also put it on a candy box as a way of remembering Frank.

Rory owns a wholesale gift basket food product company in Los Angeles. He came up with the idea to create a new candy box with a photo of the restored truck on the front and name the saltwater candy “Frank’s Taffy, est. 1958.”

The truck is in the process of being lovingly restored, and later this year it will be photographed and incorporated into the candy box design. When the truck is far enough along in its restoration, an updated photo will be posted. Then when the restoration project and candy design is complete, a finished photo and box cover will also be posted for you to enjoy.

At that time, we will offer boxes of the candy as a momento and thank you to those who have and will make donations to Frank’s scholarship fund. Be sure to come back to the Frank and Pam Network where you can watch the restoration process!

Pam Logan-Calabrese

–>2011 San Luis Obispo debut, fully restored