William Miller

Written by William Miller:
Posted on October 7th, 2009 at 9:28 pm


I first met Frank in the late 70s at the KSBY transmitter site. Frank was in the kitchen making sandwiches. He had more variety of cold cuts than most delis. Frank was quite a bon vivant.

What I remember most about Frank was his ability to build just about anything. Second most was his willingness to help anyone else build just about anything. He had a shop full of tools, a creative genius and tons of energy. This is a dangerous combination.

Although this has nothing to do with Frank, I have to chime in about Fred Peterson, bless his heart. There was another reason for the long Peterson pause: Fred had a bad case of sleep apnea and one of the symptoms was a very bad case phlegm (and a propensity to fall asleep at his desk). There was a cough switch that Peterson would hold during his long pauses while he cleared his throat.

I was engineer at KSLY for a while. One day I was chatting with Captain Buffoon and he was complaining that, due to the cough switch, the listening audience did not have to hear Peterson cough up buckets of phlegm, but he sure did. The problem was compounded by the jug of red wine Fred consumed every weekend.

At Buffoon’s suggestion, I bypassed the cough switch. Coincidentally I ran into Fred at the William’s Brothers market which is now Smart and Final, purchasing a jug of cheap red wine.

At the end of the first Monday morning newscast Fred signed off with, “This is Peterson, hawk, gurgle, hawk, gurgle… and the news.” Apparently Guy Hackman, the GM, was furious. Again, this has little to do with Frank, but I know he’d be proud.

I need to thank Frank for referring me to the job as electrician at the Rainbow Theater, probably 25 years ago. Frank put the original theater together and did a great job. I am still working very part time at the Palm Theater keeping things running.

I probably won’t be able to attend the memorial. It breaks my heart, but I promised to take my son and his boy scout troop to Sacramento to give a presentation to Arnold Schwarzenegger and tour the Air Force base. I give my warmest regards to all of you who knew Frank and are part of San Luis Obispo history.

William Miller