Mark Wurfl

Written by Mark Wurfl:
Posted on October 23rd, 2009 at 2:24 pm
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It’s taken me a while to post to this blog because I still can’t think of what to say that would be eloquent enough to be worthy of just how great a person Frank was.

I lived with Frank in his Beebee Street house during two separate periods in the ’80s. I also worked with him on several projects that WTS did, as well as at KSBY in the late ’80s. Some of my best memories at KCPR included listening to the stuff Frank had previously done; he was a masterful voiceover artist!

The times I spent with Frank were some of the happiest and best in my life; we always had such fun talking to each other in cartoon voices while working together. He taught me how to use two of his most favorite and exciting tools: the hammer drill and the ramset. He was kind to man and beast alike, caring for his kitties “Velcro” and “Meathead,” despite the behaviors that led to their names!

Earler today my wife Jana and I were talking philosophically about people, as they age, measuring themselves in life based upon what they did in their careers. I said that long ago I’d decided to measure my life’s worth by the sum total of the happiness and joy I’d experienced. If by extension to that it’s valid to measure the worth of one’s life by the happiness and joy one has brought to others, then surely Frank has to be the most valuable and important person I’ve ever known.

I’ll miss Frank a great deal, even though I regretfully was not able to have much contact with him in the years since we moved up here to the Bay Area. As long as I live, I’ll never forget his voice(s), his laugh, and the light of his being.