Gary Dove

Written by Gary Dove:
Posted on September 29th, 2009 at 2:26 pm
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Frank was one of the most easy-going friendly, positive people that I have ever met. Did he ever get mad? I don’t think so. I too met him as students at Cal Poly. Years later I will never forget Frank helping me wire my first little house in Los Osos with a new 240V service. Frank was standing on my roof holding two hot wires one in eash hand coming straight down from the transformer on the power pole next to my house. We somehow managed to get it hooked up properly without blowing up and without PG&E. Some years later Frank again helped me wire my new home. One day he came over with a gigantic drill motor and drilled holes for wiring. He had my little boy, Brandon, crawl under the house and Frank would drill a hole in the floor and Brandon would pull the wire down and push it back up in the next hole. The whole house got wired but you don’t want to look at the routing job below. Next job was helping with running conduit in my shop. Frank used that tool that blasts nails into solid concrete. He loved big tools like that, they were his toys. I am especially thankful because I too had a brain tumor and Frank and I had the same Brain doctor. I will miss Frank, there are not enoough people like him in the world any more.