French Morgan

Written by French Morgan:
Posted on October 8th, 2009 at 3:17 pm
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While I didn’t know Frank that well, but could have / should have after reading the above posts, our paths did cross many times while at Cal Poly both as students and again as employees. I do recognize several names from all those who have noted just a few of the many memorable moments with Frank. I started out at Cal Poly as an electronic engineering student in 1966, but never met Frank until the mid 80’s as Cal Poly employees.

As all have noted, Frank always seemed to have the biggest smile and a “can do” attitude … with sort of a mischievous twinkle in his eye :-) A ball of contained & controlled energy, just waiting for the right moment or adventure.

Even after I retired early a few years ago from Cal Poly (and then was employed by Union Pacific Railroad) I came across Frank yet again … at least his name & legacy. My involvement with the local UPRR Safety Committee led me to California Operation Lifesaver …

Frank had stepped up to assist with community safety awareness presentations in regards to the mix of the railroad & the public.

I can definitely see his combination of enthusiasm, expressions, and caring of others, AND BIG equipment / tools, were a perfect combination for Frank’s presentation / story telling skills.

I’m not sure why with all these possible points of contact that we never shared more moments, stories and adventures, but I can tell that Frank definitely helped to make this worldly place a better place for all of us to enjoy … at least more fun!

I did enjoy the times that we worked together. Someone that you would want on your team … a very smart and easy going guy that could make things happen without making a big deal out of it … AND leave you with a smile.

Thanks Frank!
Our paths will cross again.