Frank Lanzone

Written by Frank Lanzone:
Posted on October 16th, 2009 at 1:17 pm
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I arrived in SLO in May of 1980, and met Frank not too long after that. Someone sent me to Frank because of some KCBX need!

He modestly filled me in on his part in KCBX’s early years, and true to the form that you’ve all expressed here, Frank told me to let him know if i ever needed anything. And of course i did. I needed stuff when he was at Western, i needed outdoor lighting…

When he was moving out of South Street (I don’t remember if that corner house had a South street address), I stopped by and he started offering me some of the more bizarre items that he had accumulated… “Come on Frank, you know you’ll need this some day, I can deliver it to KCBX, or to the house. It’s FREE!!” Although he wasn’t excited about moving out of that house, because of “the stuff,” it was obvious that he was very happy about life after South Street.

Being of the Italian persuasian, we enjoyed sharing old Italian stories… I’d call him Frank the way my grandmother in NY addressed me: “hey Frahngiii!”

Over the past few years we mostly saw each other at Frank’s Famous Hot Dogs! It was planned maybe twice over many years. I don’t go there very often, but 2-3 times a year we’d run into each other getting a quick bite… either around breakfast time or in the early afternoon. That quick break generally lasted much longer than expected. I enjoyed hearing some of the Cal Poly bizarre situations that Frank related, and he enjoyed quizzing me on the happenings at KCBX. I always kept an eye out for Frank when i went there. I’d like to think that he did the same.

By the time I heard that Frank was sick, it was too late to say good-bye. I’m glad so many of you had that opportunity.

I’ll always be thankful for his laugh, his sincerity, and his friendship.

I’ve enjoyed reading your comments about Frank~ Being reminded about the Peterson story brought a smile to my face.

Thanks to you all.