Craig Hines

Written by Craig Hines:
Posted on September 27th, 2009 at 6:23 pm
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As I read through the postings here I realized that while I know that Frank has left this world, his spirit is strong and he continues to bring people together, to share a laugh or two or ten, and to remember special times, special places, special tall tales with Frank. This quiet, decent man is a hero to me as he didn’t deal in negatives, he always found the good in the people or the situation. A true peacemaker, a special soul that Frankie.

It is great fun to read the names here that have also crossed paths with Frank. Many of us have worked together, gone to school together, roomed together, shared adult beverages together, and have such wonderful Frank Stories! My Frank stories began in 1969, the same year that Ed Zuchelli came to teach about broadcasting. I came to learn, by doing. Frank and Ed became like family, and I was fortunate to be the chubby kid from Lompoc that loved radio and cool people like those two Italians. Frank and I were like brothers to Ed’s kids and good lord, the years sure flew by.

I can actually say that I was once replaced by Frank! Woody Goulart, Steve Stagnaro and I had an apartment on Stenner Street (which Steve and I visited after spending time with Frank at Sierra Vista) and when I packed up to make it big (yeah, right…) in LA radio, Frank moved in. Though none of us talked regularly and a lot over the years, there is a brotherhood there and Frank was one of our brothers. I think they call it BFF now.

Reading about HandFinc is great. Harold was a roomie and fellow broadcaster, Len and I have worked the trenches of radio together so many times, Gerry Franke and I used to call KBAI (now gone) home, Maddy kept us all in line for so many years, Dean Klitgaard was so like Frank as he turned things into working equipment, Bill Gurzi’s senior project was a control room we needed, and the list will go on and on… Frank was truly an amazing man and what a great cast of characters we will gather at his Memorial, if this site is any clue.

And, there’s Pam. Sometimes the universe manages to get two people, perfectly right for one another, together and that is the Frank & Pam story. I am so happy that they found each other and had wonderful years together. I will never forget talking to both of them on the phone from time to time as their connection was so amazing. It still is. It always will be, and I’m so proud of how she has loved and cared for Frank and that she’s shared him with us.

F. Fester Fletcher, Pozo Dam, COMNAVAIRPAC, big diesel trucks, radio/tv, Gilroy tales, the exam table we ate on, oh God! there were so many stories, events, games, special moments over the last 40 years and the common thread was and is Frank. We are all better for having him in our lives and hearts, so let’s not be sad but be like Frank and find the humor, the joy, the pure humanity in the coming days and months and years. He’s watching and expecting us to chuckle, you know.

Finally, thanks Frankie for grabbing my finger the other day, for raising your hand, and for laughing with Stag and me in the hospital. Thanks for staying around until we got to tell you we love you and rubbed your beautiful bald head! Speaking of bald, you and Zuke keep ‘em laughing, OK?