Cathy Dausman

Written by Cathy Dausman:
Posted on September 21st, 2009 at 10:35 am
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Time flies, especially when you’re with good friends.

Eric and I have known Frank for over 30 years. Eric met Frank around 1972 at KCPR; I met Eric and Frank about two years later, also at KCPR. Frank and Eric were next door neighbors on Sandercock (Harold H. was Frank’s roommate). Frank and Eric spent many, many weekends working their second job as contract engineers for H&F; I’d meet them on site and even work for free for the privilege of going out for a pizza lunch. They ALWAYS talked shop (which left this Liberal Arts major with plenty of questions but not much to contribute!) Frank was our best man in 1977 (Eric showed him how to wear the tux — the only time he wore one?!) until he became Pam’s “best man” about 10 years later. He still is.

Rest well, Frank– it won’t be peaceful, because there will be so much laughter and love arriving from the stories we’ll tell.