Cat Zimmerman

Written by Cat Zimmerman (aka Suzy Swiss Cheese):
Posted on September 26th, 2009 at 10:41 am
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How remarkable that over the last few whatevers I’ve found myself wondering how and where Frank was. Most recently, was when doing some blue-sky work with the Portland Community College ITV dept. . . which took me right back to Poly and the way I stumbled into KCPR (I think it was “Cuddles” Keith Cuddleback (?) who introduced me to one of the best parts of my SLO experience. A year or two ago was the first time in almost forever I revisited the Cal Poly — and what a surprise! Stayed with Engineering students, one of whom is a child of my heart who I’ve know since he met my oldest son in kindergarten. . . The Zimmermans and Zachers have been family friends ever since and it was so cool when Rudy chose Poly over OSU (and he’s now got a killer job as a result of his superb training at Cal Poly. As we drove through Gilroy and Morgan Hill, I wondered, wondered where Frank was. Would that I’d run into him at Poly Royal (when and who changed the name?) Ordinarily I’m an in-the-moment person and dislike going back in time. Now, as a gerontologist, I know professionally that it’s an essential thing to do as we age. And, we really can’t avoid it. . . and it’s so rich and so dear. Frank had a huge part (without intending to) in who I am today. And I thank him, and will always remember him. And that’s how the very, very best folks (like Frank) are immortal. I’ve been telling everyone about him — at odd moments, and now with intention. I can see him in my mind’s eye! And oh wow — we were so young and so cute way back then! Bless you all for hunting me up and letting me know. If I can possibly be there in October, I will be.