Allen Fugelseth

Written by Allen Fugelseth:
Posted on September 27th, 2009 at 6:43 pm
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I have read the responses above, how wonderful they are. I met Frank at KCPR after I entered Poly in June of 1969. Probably soon after that I met Frank and some of the rest of you. One could immediately be friends with Frank as he had such a great personality.

He liked Buddy Rich and Peterbuilt trucks. He had a contagious sense of humor and you would have so much fun and laughter just being with him.

One Christmas time, probably 1970 or 71, I gave him a plastic model kit of a Peterbuilt truck. I went to visit him at his Gilroy home and he was putting the truck together.

We both worked, but not together, at Western Electric,the telephone equipment design and manufacturing arm the of the Telephone Company. We would joke and laugh about the WEEEECO company and 200 Amp screwdrivers. The Ampere rating was a nonsensical current carrying capacity of a screwdriver if you put it across a Telco battery.

When I married my wife, Claudia, I hid the car. Frank and Gary Sturgeon asked around until someone told them where the car was. It was noticed that Frank and Gary came back to the wedding with paint on their hands. My car without a waxed finish had a Bullwinkle caricature painted on it with other sayings. For years later the marbles still rolled back and forth under the driver’s seat and the image of Bullwinkle could be seen if the conditions were right.

I talked with Frank about 4 weeks ago on the phone. We talked about many things including that low bridge on the campus that catches trucks.

I have had many conversations with Frank on the phone and it was always such a good time. We talked about Pam and he told me that “she is my angel.” She took such good care of him. Thank you Pam.

My college days were a lot of fun, maybe too much, and Frank was a part of it. What a wonderful person and a previledge to have known him. Claudia and I had lunch with Pam, Frank, and Len Filomeo at the Blue Sky Resturant last May,I think. Frank was his usual self and I shall always remeber the good time.

Thank you Pam and Frank.