Donors to Cal Poly Scholarship

Reaching $10,000 in donations by 2012 is the goal for the Frank Calabrese Memorial Scholarship. The following donors have shown their generosity through financial contributions that have helped us grow towards our goal:

Ursula Caiola

Marsha Cohn

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Dausman

Patty Dee

Mr. & Mrs. Art Dudley

Jan Durocher

Dave Evans

Maybelle Farotte

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Farotte

Len Filomeo

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Fugelseth

Mr. & Mrs. Giumini

Greg Golden

Harold Hallikainen

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hayes

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Heringes

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Hill

Mark Hornbeck

Ila Howard

Paul Jacobus

KCPR Fun 91 Group

Mr. & Mrs. Lifter

Pamela K. Logan-Calabrese

Rich Masterson

Ed O’Brien

Mrs. Diana Rheinisch

Chuck Schwynoch

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Sharer

Mr. & Mrs Jerry Spurr

Stephen Stagnaro

Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Vincent

Robert Weber

Don Weegar & Jane Worthy

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Yinger

David Younger

Ann Zeppieri

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